Contemporary Fundamentals of City Life: Parking

Parking is the biggest problem of city life despite the cities’ glory! Two decades ago, parking was not an issue for anyone on this planet, pavement was the best place to park, and no one was charging money for the parking. It was not hassle at all! This was like this from medieval ages to early 1990s.

Now it is the biggest problem of living in city. And we need to use some machines to pay our fee! I really wondered who is providing all those parking machines and finally I found one company, which is providing parking device and parking service. It is Gemini Parking Solutions!

I didn’t know that parking is a big business and they have an association called British Parking Association. Gemini provides pay &display systems, manned patrol, self-ticketing solutions, and other services.

Basically, parking turned into a huge business in UK and the market segmented into different parts and they have an association. 

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