Agent Provocateur Valentine's Day Gift and Valentine's Day Advertisement Video

Agent Provocateur, the British lingerie brand and Valentine’s Day. The perfect combination! 

Super sexy and super expensive! I think no one is going to deny these facts. If you planning to buy a present from Agent Provocateur you will understand what I mean. Or just go and check their online shop :)

Hopefully, Agent Provocateur does not keep all the cash inside the piggy bank. They are great with YouTube advertisements.

Recently, Agent Provocateur released the Valentine’s Day YouTube video. It is amazing! I love the script and it is totally unexpected. You should watch the whole video, don't stop watching it.

Meanwhile, girl in the Agent Provocateur advertisement does have a Mercedes, I understand from the shinny key! And also, if you go outside to stop your car’s alarm try to take your flat’s key as well. Honestly, who cares about car alarms, they beep all the time :) Don’t be bothered with that ;)

There are some tips for Valentine's Day gift!

Agent Provocateur Mercy Skirt
Agent Provocateur Mercy Skirt £245

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