Christian Louboutin Love! Amazing Collection of Louboutins!

Christian Louboutin love! Louboutin, the most admired brand after the Apple. The French shoe maker became a sensation in last few years. Also, many people like my twitter friend Caroline, owns a great collection of Louboutins. And many people started to love the Louboutins like crazy. When I see many people started to love a brand or admire a brand, I always remember Apple. 

Apple is the king, no brand ever on this planet created a sensation and strong relationship like Apple. However, Christian Louboutin managed to create a momentum like Apple and started to became like Apple. 

Of course they are doing business in different platforms, Apple is a technology brand and Christian Louboutin is a fashion brand. However, their mutual point is their pricing, admires and luxury.

I posted many articles about Louboutin and recently met with a blogger who loves Louboutins. Caroline writes on her blog called And she has great fleet of Christian Louboutins high heels in her wardrobe. And I decided to share her collection and reveal a true Louboutin lover :)

All photos are taken by her and you can follow on Twitter: @modestadt

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