Ferrari F12berlinetta in London | Special Photos for #PinItForwardUK

Ferrari F12berlinetta, the replacement of iconic 599. F12 is probably the first car with a bridge or a hole. I directly to jumped to this section, because it is unique and unusual to spot in any others vehicles. Ferrari F12 has an aerodynamic bridge to increase down force for better performance. More down force means better handling at higher speeds, objects have a tendency to lift off as they speed more! To avoid this, you need to increase down force aerodynamic tricks and this bridge on the F12 is the latest solution.

(Actually, these photos were taken specially for the Pinterest's UK launch campaign #PinItForwardUK.)

I spotted this Ferrari F12 at HR Owen, London dealer. I was very lucky because their Ferrari circulation is higher than iPhone circulation at an Apple Store. 

Ferrari F12 resembles to Ferrari FF from the front end but that’s all. F12 is a brand new vehicle with brand new technologies. Such as the air duck that opens when the brakes got hot too much. Cleaver Formula 1 technologies, 6.3-lt V12 engine with 730 HP and 690 Nm of torque. Brand new a 7-speed double clutch super fast automatic transmission. Also, lighter! New Ferrari F12 weighs no more than a 1,5-tonne. F12 only needs 3,1 seconds reach 100 km/h and top speed is over 340 km/h.

And offers the most complicated steering wheel on this planet. Ferrari F12 has the manetinno switch and nearly one hundred buttons more on the steering wheel! The individual suspension button on the steering wheel of F12 is for making the car drive softer at any manettino settings. I am definitely sure, if the steering wheel of Ferrari F12 breaks down, it will cost more than a small hatchback. And lastly, I loved the Formula 1 inspired rear fog light!