Kate Upton Topless on A Horse! Never Gonna Give You Up :)

Kate Upton topless on a horse! TMZ website uploaded this video, Kate Upton is topless and top of the horse for a photo shooting. However, you cannot see anything! Fortunately, TMZ masked the areas so I can share in my blog with no problem. 

And also, don't get excited the video footage is from a photo shooting. So you will see the photos soon!

Actually, the fun part is the link attached on the video, 'Watch the Uncensored Video'. I know that TMZ will not reveal a video like that but I couldn't stop myself clicking and the result was fantastic :) Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astlery. If you were born beginning of 1980s, this song will definitely recall your childhood memories and matches perfectly with the Kate Upton's topless video :)

And also I loved the reaction of TMZ team when they see Kate Upton topless!

Photo Credit
The Other Woman